Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Ever want to BUILD your own FURNITURE!!??

So I've recently been reminded of a website/blog that I LOVE. I wanted to share it with all of you crafty followers. I came across Ana White's Knock Off Wood blog about 8 months or so ago. http://www.ana-white.com/ I was instantly in love. She's got TONS of amazing wood working plans and they are all so easy!! Sounding...lol. Her whole blog is about being a women and building. She is great at it! Well I've just got so many things going on I didn't want to tackle learning wood working. However, I wasn't above making my hubby do it! lol He's done some projects before. Built a hall tree/storage bench for our entry way that I love, some shelving and even our outdoor shed! He's getting pretty handy! :) So I knew he could tackle my little project. I absolutely fell in love with her farmbed plans. This pic is of the doll bed version - but you get the idea.

I had to have my husband build not one - but TWO of these bad boys! One for each of my little lovies. So of course I had to redo their whole rooms!! :) Don't you just love when opportunity knocks? :P He was able to build them in just about a day or so and then painting them took a little longer. In the end they are probably my favorite furniture peices in our whole house!! Just look at how beautiful they are!!

Ashlyn's new Farmhouse bed - she loves it!

Hayden's new Farmhouse bed!

The kids "helping" daddy put together the frame to hold the boxspring :)

Little man Hayden says - sissy I'll show you how to hammer! lol

So I'm really just blogging to tell you to get your fingers typing on over to http://www.ana-white.com/ and check out some plans for your own needs. I'm totally going to have Kyle build the new cabin collection tv hutch/entertainment center she has on her front page!! :) If I have room for it. We'll have to see once she posts all the plans how big it really is. This is the one she's got on her page she made for her house. I just LOVE it!

She's on facebook too so be sure to check her out! :)

P.S. She's even got the cutest hanging daybed for outside!!

Couldn't you just picture it in your backyard!? Laying on it sipping lemonade, reading a book...or longingly looking at it from afar while you chase the kids away from picking all your flowers...yeah that sounds more like my life - but hey I can dream can't I!?


The Chabot Family said...

Ok I am totally hooked on her website now. I'm sure my husband will thank you ;)

LaRae said...

I know!! Once I go on it I'm there for hours lol. Kyle hates when I get big ideas like that because it usually means he's got some work ahead of him!! :)

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