Wednesday, February 2, 2011

How to make Spa Towels - Quite possibly the easiest sewing project EVER!! Can also be no - sew!

Today's blog is a GREAT project for a beginner sewer. Actually it would make a fantastic first sewing/learn to sew project! For about $4 per towel and a few more bucks for ribbon you get $300 dollar a night luxury hotel towels in your very own bathroom! Okay maybe they aren't super luxurious but they sure look it!!

Okay so let's get started!!

Supplies you'll need -
  • Towels - any size you need. I used bath towels but you could easily do this same technique on hand towels, beach towels, wash clothes, or even baby towels for a great baby shower gift.
  • Ribbon - I used 1.5" grosgrain ribbon from my local craft store Hobby Lobby. But you could use any size. If it's your first time making these I suggest NOT using a silky ribbon as it will slide under your sewing foot. Pick something like grosgrain.
  • Scissors
  • Sewing Machine and pins
  • If you want to do a NO SEW set of towels switch your sewing machine for fabric glue! :)

Okay this is super simple - just cut your ribbon about 1/4 to 1/2" longer than your towel. Lay on the towel and pin down. The more pins you use the easier it will be to sew. If you've sewn quite a bit before you can get way with using little to no pins - but if you're new I would suggest pinning to your hearts desire! :) You'll want to fold the ends under to give it a nice clean edge and pin in place.

Sew very close to the edge. I don't sew the short ends until last. I find if I sew those down before I've sewn the two long sides I can get puckers/wrinkles in the ribbon. So first sew down one long side. Then bring it back up and sew down the opposite long side. Make sure you back stitch on both ends!!!

Once you've sewn down both sides you can sew the short sides. Don't forget to back stitch!

Clip any threads and enjoy!! Wasn't that the fastest simplest sewing project ever!!??

If you just can't bring yourself to try sewing you can spread fabric glue on the backside of the ribbon and lay on the towel. Super simple. I prefer sewing because it's neater and will more than likely last longer.

If you've got an embroidery machine you can monogram your towels too! I put Mr. and Mrs. on mine. :)

Sneak peak at my almost finished Master Bath makeover! :)


Deepika Olive said...

On a discussion with a terry towels manufacturer, I came to know that a woven towel typically has five parts. These parts are pile area, fringes, beginning and end part, selvedge, and border.

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