Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Sweet little Valentine's Day "Box of Chocolates" cake!

I must confess this idea was completely NOT mine! I got the idea from http://bakerella.com/ If you've never checked that website out I advise you to! She has some of the cutest little baked goods I've ever seen. This "Box of Chocolates Cake" I saw LAST year just after Valentine's Day and I was so sad because I wanted to make it! So this year I remembered and made it early enough to blog about it to all my adoring fans! :) To make your own check out this tutorial from Bakerella.

I purchased a 9" heart shaped pan from my local craft store. I completely cheated on this cake and used a box red velvet cake, Betty Crocker frosting, and Duff fondant!! What can I say I'm a busy mom and I had no other reason to make this cake except that it was so cute I had to try it. I'm bringing this cake to my sister's work tomorrow for all of them to enjoy. I must admit though after tasting one of the red velvet  cake balls I wish I would have made a scratch cake. It would have tasted much better but we can't all be perfect can we!!??

A couple tips I would advise that she doesn't list in her tutuorial - if you have the time and aren't a seasoned cake decorator I would suggest tinting your buttercream/frosting red so if it shows under the fondant it's not stark white. I had that issue on my cake in a few places and it bugged me.

When baking your cake stick a floral nail upside down in the batter to keep the cake from "mounding" too much and you won't have to cut as much off the cake. I usually use the strips but since this pan was heart shaped I stuck a nail in mine and it worked pretty well.

And the only other thing I can say is have your decorating pieces for the chocolates ready. I used the ready to frost sparkle gels from wilton in red and pink, some heart shaped sprinkles, some white cake glitter I already had, some nuts, the left over white frosting from the cake, and some left over red sugar sprinkles I had from Christmas. I think decorating the "chocolates" was my favorite part!

I hope you all give this a try it's really quite easy and so much fun! :) Happy Valentine's Day!!


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