Sunday, March 6, 2011

Children's Hooded Towel - Perfect Sunday Project!

Well hello again!! I feel like I haven't blogged in ages...busy busy life just keeps getting in the way!

So today I bring you a perfect Saturday or Sunday afternoon project. These hooded towels are probably the most functional frequently used items I've made for my kids and they absolutely love them!

A while back I made my two lovies their own hooded towels with their names on them for fun really. They had gotten to big for the hooded towels you buy at the store but I still really loved the functionality of them. So I set out to make my own. Of course there are many tutorials online on how to do these, but I read a few and through trial and error found my own favorite way of doing them. So after making them and using them over and over we realized that we wash and use wash and use wash and use these two towels as often as we can while the other towels just sit in the cupboard! A few days ago I was at Target and saw their towels were on sale. I decided to pick up a few and make some more for the house. The timing couldn't have been better because we are going to Great Wolf Lodge (water park) in Tx in just 3 weeks. The kids are so excited!

Okay now for the How - To:

Supplies You'll Need - 
  • One bath sized towel
  • One hand sized towel
  • Scissors
  • Fabric (optional)
  • Ribbon (optional)
  • pins
  • sewing machine
  • pinking shears (optional)
First of all one hand towel will make TWO hooded towels. So if you've got more than one lovie or you want to make more than one towel it's great to get a hand towel that will match both your bath towels. Now I like to add fabric and sometimes ribbon to the hood. This is completely optional and if you don't want to do these steps its actually easier - but not as cute! :P

Okay so first you take your hand towel and cut in half.

Set half aside for use on another towel. Cut your fabric the same size as the towel. I was using a scrap piece of fabric so mine isn't the exact same size but this didn't matter because later we cut some off the back.

Fold the fabric over creating a hem - you can iron the crease if it's easier for you. Then pin in place to the finished edge of your towel.

Sew close to the edge.

If you are adding ribbon as well you want to sew that on next.

Next you want to cut an inch or two off the back of the towel. If you leave it this length it will be too long/wide for your child's head. (I learned my lesson on my first towel.)

Next fold the towel in half right sides together and sew along the BACK (opposite edge from the top where you put the ribbon) of the towel. You won't sew all the way down. Leave about 2 or 3 inches open.

Fold your extra fabric towards your sewn fabric creating a T. You'll sew each side of the T separately. This will make a good shape for the hood so you don't have a big point in the back.

When you're done sewing a straight stitch here (I use like 1/2" seam allowance or so here) go back and sew a zig-zag stitch right next to the straight. This will give added support because trust me you'll be using and washing these often. You don't want to assemble if poorly and have it rip after a couple uses.

Clip your strings and you have your hood!


Now get your bath towel and mark the center with a pin. Fold a crease into the towel on each side of the center pin. I just eyeball these. Make them about 2 inches or so. It's really not a huge deal but this will keep the towel around your child in a nice manner. I find this step makes the towel much nicer. (harder to fold! But fits the child better.) Pin your creases in place.

This will be the outside of your towel. You'll see this when child is wearing it.
Pin the hood to the towel. Start with the sewn inseam of the hood matching the center of the large towel. Then just pin the edges together. Use a lot of pins to ensure a good fit.

Sew a straight stitch using about a 5/8" seam allowance. You just want to be sure you leave a wide enough allowance to grab the extra fabric we added for color. Take the pins out as you go along. Don't sew over them. Once you've sewn go back again and sew a zig-zag stitch like we did previously.

Take your pinking shears and cut the extra fabric off to give it a clean edge. Don't cut the towel since those are already finished edges.

Clip all your threads and your all done! My daughter loved her new towel - but she took it off, looked at the hood and said - "mommy now you have to add my name!" and I thought I was going to get these done Guess I'll have to get my embroidery machine out and add her name...maybe she won't remember. :)

If you chose not to add the fabric you'll still have a cute towel. I made 4 towels today. Two with fabric and two without. I got these cute stripe hand towels from Target and used those. Sometimes you can find really cute towels and there would be no need to add fabric. It sure makes it easier - but I have to admit I like the feel and look better with the added fabric. Try adding ric rac instead of ribbon along the edges. Or just ribbon instead of fabric. The possibilities are endless. Have fun!!

Seahawk colors!!! YAY!

She LOVES pink! :)


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I LOVE the big kid hooded towels! I got one made for Annabelle for Christmas.. wish I had a few more! Will you be selling these in your shop?

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