Wednesday, March 16, 2011

DIY - Edible Fruit Arrangements or Bouquet!

First off - Happy St. Patrick's Day!!

I wanted to get my kids a little gift for St. Patrick's Day - but I didn't want to fill them up on candy. I came up with making them their own Edible Fruit Bouquets because my mom sent my husband a (name brand) Edible Arrangement for his "welcome home" gift. My kids about devoured the thing in no time flat! So I thought it would be cute to get them their own. Then I checked the prices...yeah not happening for a 2 and 3 year old! lol. They range from around $40 up. I figured I'd give it my own go! :)

So first off I went to the craft store and got two little shamrock buckets, a clover shaped cookie cutter and some floral foam. I then went to the grocery store and loaded up on fruit. Here is a list of the supplies I used.

  • Metal bucket
  • Floral Foam
  • Clover cookie cutter
  • Bamboo skewers
  • Kale
  • Strawberries
  • Cantaloupe
  • Honey Dew
  • Red Grapes
  • Bananas
  • Pineapple
  • Green Candy Melts for dipping
  • Semi Sweet chocolate chips for dipping
  • Free Printables from ItsyBelle
***Wash all your fruit. Let dry as much as possible if you are going to be dipping it.

So first I cut all my fruit. Cut the Honeydew and Cantaloupe in wedges and then cut the wedges in half. Take the grapes off their stems and put them in a bowl so their ready to load on your skewer. Peel Bananas and cut in half or thirds. For the Pineapple I cut the top and bottom off, cut the skin off leaving as much meat as possible around the core. Then I cut them in 1/2" thick slices as shown below.

Next use your cookie cutter to cut out the design. When pressing down press HARD and wiggle it around in a circle to really cut through the pineapple.

If you plan on dipping your fruit you'll need to heat your chocolate and candy melts to dipping consistency (I use a glass bowl in the microwave at 45 second intervals. Stir after every 45 seconds). Place your fruit on skewer and dip in chocolate. Then stick the skewer in extra foam pieces and let them dry. I had an issue with the chocolate sliding off my pineapple and banana's. It worked great on the strawberries. I'm not sure what the issue is but I'll try figuring it out before I dip my fruit next time. Since it was sliding I dipped as fast as possible and then put the whole foam block in the fridge so the chocolate would set up faster. (Harden.)

To prepare your bucket/container you'll need to cut the foam up and fill the bucket as best as possible. You don't want to leave too many blank spaces because you want your bouquet to look full. After you get the foam in take the Kale and lay over the foam.

Next just start skewering your fruit and sticking it into the foam creating a bouquet. Work from all angles so it looks good and symmetrical on all sides if possible. I will admit I do have "fronts" to mine that I felt looked better, lol.

Once I got all my fruit in I added some more kale to hide the sticks/skewers a little bit and just give it a fuller look. It was still missing something so I printed off the cutest little tags from ItsyBelle! She has FREE St. Patrick's Day printables you can print on your own computer/printer and use. Get those HERE! And watch/follow her blog because she also blogs great tutorials and awesome inspiration!! I printed the tags off and cut some in squares and punched some with my 2" circle. I taped them onto skewers and added to give it a little more "green" or St. Patrick's Day feel. I love the turn out!! See more photos below! :)

It cost me about $40 to $45 to make 2 small and one HUGE bouquet! That's THREE for less than I would get one medium one if I bought it. Great deal if you ask me!! These would be great for any pot luck or dinner party or holiday at work. Much healthier than bringing donuts into your work. I'm sure your co-workers will appreciate it. :) Have a great Holiday and as always - thank you for reading my blog and PLEASE SHARE with your friends!! :)

My lovies are going to LOVE their St. Patty's Day gifts!

The tags look so cute!

This is the BIG HUGE one I'll bring to a friends tomorrow for dessert.

Chocolate and Green Candy covered fruit. They taste even better than they look!

Aren't these the cutest tags!?


hollie said...

so cute and creative...wish i had the energy to do all the cute stuff you do!

Itsy Belle said...

They turned out SOOO cute! Thanks for using my printables!! :)

LaRae said...

Thank you Hollie! :) Christy I love the look of them here. Just another way to use your super cute designs! :)

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