Friday, March 18, 2011

DIY - Mustache Straw Party Favors!

I recently came across this adorable idea on an etsy blog! I thought it was so fun and cute and super easy to make! Check out the blog for exact how-to instructions here.

These would be a great addition to this fantastic Mustache Party Printable pack you can get at ItsyBelle. Such a cute and unique idea for a kids birthday! Check those out here.

Have fun I hope you enjoyed todays blog post! :)


Melissa said...

Those are freakin' cool! I think I want to make them for my birthday next week! LMAO

LaRae said...

Melissa - That's awesome!! Take some pics if you do! :)

Itsy Belle said...

Thanks for featuring us LaRae! I added your button to my blog!

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