Thursday, March 17, 2011

Easy Scratch Cheesecake Recipe

This cheesecake recipe was my first attempt at making a home made scratch cheesecake. I have to say it was delicious! My husband was raving about it with every bite! I chose to add some cherries to the top of mine, and I also had some left over raspberry puree I used for a soak on a cake I made so I topped one piece with that as well. Both versions were very good!! If I had some fresh raspberries to go with the puree I think I would have liked that better. Another great way to serve would be to add some warm caramel and chocolate sauce!! YUM!

With Raspberry Puree topping
 To get the recipe go here to What Megan's Making - one of my new favorite blogs!

Topped with canned cherry pie filling - so good!

Happy Baking! I hope you like my new blog look as well!!


Zan said...

CUTE CUTE the new look Rae....!!!

LaRae said...

Thank you!! I like it too. Just want to figure out how to put links at the top and I will be good! :) I think I'm going to use this look for my etsy shop when I open it back up too. Then they'll match. :)

megan @ whatmegansmaking said...

So glad you liked the cheesecake! Cute blog - I will have to look around :)

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