Monday, March 21, 2011

My new Handmade BED!!!

I finally got my new bed people!! Can you tell I'm a little excited!! :) If you have read my previous blogs you know that I'm absolutely in love with It's a website by Ana White who builds and makes all types of wood working plans. She lists them for FREE and there are tons of people on there for help. Well I have been dreaming of my own new bed since Kyle (the hubbs) made my kids their farmhouse beds. I recently re-decorated our bedroom and just really was unhappy with the way the furniture took from my design. I was able to convince my husband that it was time to build us a new bed. So I FINALLY decided on the "Mom's Fancy Farmhouse Bed" from Ana's website. And let me tell you - deciding on which bed plan to make was possibly the hardest part of the build...well for me anyway! :P

So I decided to document the progress with some photo's and let you all know about our experience in hopes that we can inspire you to try your hand at building. It's so satisfying and one of the few crafts left now adays that will actually SAVE YOU MONEY!!

First off we printed off the plans for Mom's Fancy Farmhouse Bed and thoroughly read through them. There is a supply list and cut list on the plans. I sent the hubbs to Lowe's by himself while I stayed at home with the kids so he could really spend his time picking out nice pieces of wood. He used stud grade 2x4's, pine moulding (the standard un-primed moulding), and poplar. The total cost for all the wood was $153 with our 10% military discount. But that also included some wood glue, wood filler and a trowel and 2 1/2" and 3" screws. He later told me he didn't even use the 2 1/2" screws though.

The wood pile before starting - please excuse the bad photo it's taken from my cell phone :)
After getting all the supplies he measured and cut the pieces. The tools he used to cut were a circular saw and to cut the moulding he used a miter box. He has many other saws, but he was able to make this whole bed with just the circular.

Next he layed them out and started assembling.

He said the hardest part was the moulding. He attached it with his bradnailer and finishing nails, but just getting the angles and fitting it perfect was a tad difficult. He did a GREAT job on this in my opinion though. The moulding is what sets this bed apart. It's a super simple look but the moulding adds just enough to it to make it stand out.

Next he took wood filler and filled any imperfections such as over each nail head and on the bed frame he filled the legs so they looked like one piece instead of two boards. After the wood filler dried he used his electric sander with a medium (80) sand paper and sanded the whole bed. The sanding is a necessary step. It will take off any jagged pieces left from cutting and prep it for painting.

One small step he took that are not in the plans is to use a flat head screw driver and sort of chiseled the boards in the center. The boards fit together so nicely that it almost looked seamless, but I really wanted them to stand out. We got the idea from the original farmhouse bed plans on her site. He literally just took a flat head and ran it up and down the seams to define them more. The final look was exactly how I wanted it.

We decided to invest in a paint sprayer for this (and upcoming) projects. It was our first time using one, but Kyle said he loved it. It was so much nicer than rolling or brushing and the end result seams much more even. He did mention the clean up sucked though, lol. I wanted a blackish bed. So we purchased the Valspar Signature Hi-Def. It is like having a paint with the primer already in it. I feel like it was really worth getting the spendier paint. I certainly didn't want to spend the time and money on it and then cover it with cheap paint. It was a very nice quality paint. I would definitely buy again. I used a VERY dark grey/light black. I love the way it turned out.

Kyle decided to set it up in our front yard since it has been really nice outside lately. He set the headboard and base of the bed up and started to paint. We did one coat, then after it dried we sanded it again and sprayed it with another coat. Make sure after each sanding that you vacuum all the sawdust off and then wipe your project down with a damp towel so you are painting a VERY clean surface.

Another cell phone pic - sorry! :)

We planned on putting a coat of ploy on it, but Kyle tried to use the sprayer for that and it sprayed on very thick and started to run. It was a terrible mess. We were both freaking out and got towels and rubbed as much off as we could. After it dried Kyle sanded it and had to do another coat of paint. That was our "uh oh" moment in this project. We knew everything else was just going too smoothly! :P SOOO after the final 3rd coat we decided against a poly coat (we were really too scared to ruin it and add more work for ourselves) and just left it as was.

We brought it in our room and started putting it together. Kyle pre-drilled the holes in the headboard and countersunk them so you wouldn't see them. Even though it's on the back of the board and you won't see it anyway. I think he's just enjoying all his new found skills! :P

And there it is all put together!! :) We decided to use a few cut up pieces of plywood and screwed them down to the cross bars for our box spring. We had originally wanted to USE a box spring, but after trying to figure out the math and me saying - no kyle I don't want the headboard to stand that tall, and no I don't want the bed that low to the ground, lol we just built as is. Instead of the slats we did the (what we feel is) more sturdy route and used the 2x4. Since we live in a humid climate we had one sheet of plywood cut so it's not fully covering the bottom. It's just and idea Kyle came up with, we are hoping we don't have mildew issues. We figure we keep the house cooled anyway so it doesn't stay TOO humid in here. Wish us luck! :P

And here it is with just the mattress on top.

And finally - all done!! We absolutely love the end result! We are planning on refinishing the end tables, dresser, and armoire that are in there now. They matched our old bed, but I can't bare to let them go since I love the depth of the drawers and such. We'll be sanding and painting our little hearts out on those. I'm going to get new hardware for them too. You'll probably see that project in an upcoming blog when we're finished! :)

Pretty nice huh!? This bed plan was made to look like this bed from Pottery Barn. The Pottery Barn bed in a queen size with the matching armoire cost $2,495!!! We just built our bed for less than $250 including the paint! I say try your hand at building - or at the very least make your husband do it! :P Ana White builds her own furniture. She does it all on her own. My hubby keeps telling me he KNOWS I could do it on my own if I'd just try. I tell him I have SO many crafts I do on my own he can keep the wood working one and I'll just keep putting in my requests! lol

I've already requested this as our next project! It's an outdoor daybed with a canopy! I really want this so I can make cushions and pillows for it and sit outside with my Kindle while the kids play...but he says he's done for now...we'll see who wins! :P

This is a picture of another builder who shared her end result on the site. Didn't she do an amazing job! See why I want one!!??

Happy Building people! Share the blog with your friends and I hope you all have a great week! :)


Itsy Belle said...

awesome LaRae! Looks great! Thanks for adding my button to your blog too! :)

Katie Lott said...

Looks great! Zinsser 1-2-3 primer is great for your dresser. You don't have to sand at all, and it cuts out that time consuming project.

The Chabot Family said...

Ok so when are you guys moving back to WA? :P I love the day bed. I think my Dad needs one for his beach!

Ramona said...

wow lots of work but gorgeous! new follower, ramona from

JessicasCoupons said...

Wow! You are really super talented! Thanks for the follow. I am following you too!

have a great day!

Brooke Anna @ Mommy Does... said...

Great job!

shersl84bed said...

Your room is beautiful. Before I saw the final result I thought it was going to be too dark, but once I saw the comforter on it, wow, your room looks stunning. I need to make a headboard for our bed, after seeing how great yours turned out, you just inspired me.

Smiles Sher

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