Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Monster Truck Birthday Party - what I've been busy with for a while now!

My little man Hayden turned 3 years old Friday!! I still can't believe it. (Although he's been acting like he's 5 for over a year, lol.) He LOVES trucks so we decided on a Monster Truck themed birthday.

I just love the way it turned out! I must admit I was getting a little overwhelmed when trying to pull everything together, but when the day finally came and I was able to set everything out I was very pleased that it WAS indeed turning out like I had it planned in my head, lol.

I'll attempt to explain some of my projects in case you want to do the same for your little one's birthdays. Or maybe you're having and upcoming Halloween bash!?

My first project was this adorable Balloon Wreath. This picture is horrible, I really should take a better one for the blog but I'm a work at home mom so you get what you get. :P

Again, it's much cuter in person! I found a tutorial for this wreath on Pinterest. Here is the link.
I chose to add some pipe cleaners that I twirled around a wooden dowel and cut in pieces to stick out from the balloons some. You can't see it very well in the photo, but it adds a cute touch. I then took a wooden H, for Hayden of course, painted it black, added some rope, and used a floral pin to stick in the middle of the wreath.

A couple tips for this project - it's not as cheap as you may think. I actually ended up using I think 8 or 10 bags of balloons at 1.99 a bag. You can do it cheaper with a huge bag of multi colored balloons, but I wanted to use Black, Red, Grey, and White to match my color scheme. The floral pins were about $8 for the big bag, (I have tons left over though.) and the Styrofoam wreath was about $8 as well. Although I found this awesome tip on Pinterest - use foam tubing from the hardware store duck taped together to make the wreath circle - it only costs about $1. I haven't tested this yet but I plan to in the future!

I hung this wreath above the sweets table - which just happened to be my favorite table I made! :)

The "sweets" table included handmade candy buttons!! They were so fun to make and making them homemade I was able to make them in the colors of the party. Find instructions for those here.

I also made cake pops - which were a big hit. They aren't any harder to make than cake balls and they are so fun and cute on a stick! I used red candy melts to cover them and then just used some sprinkles I had in the cupboard to jazz them up. I put Styrofoam in the bottom of galvanized tins and covered it with paper straw then stuck the cake pops in. Find cakepop/cakeball recipes here!

I used chocolate donuts set on plates and called them "mud tires". We got tons of red, black and white candy and put in cute glass jars I found at hobby lobby when they were 50% off. I also made homemade rock candy! That was a mess, but much cheaper than buying them. To find instructions go here. I wanted the sticks to be cute so I bought long skinny wooden dowels and had my amazing hubby cut them to the length I wanted. He then took wooden balls, drilled holes in them and used wood glue to adhere them to the ends of the sucker sticks. When the suckers were done I wrapped them in cellophane bags with a black ribbon bow. I think they turned out really cool! :)

And of course on the sweets table was the cake! I made the bottom tier to look like a big monster truck tire and the top tier I just covered in red fondant. I then used buttercream with crushed oreos over it to add "mud" to the cake and threw a couple toy monster trucks on top. The monster truck on the side is "glued" on with melted chocolate. For the top banner (which I think was my favorite part - I just love the new style of using bunting on cakes!!) I used my cricut to cut out tiny triangles from the black and white check scrapbook paper I used in the birthday banner. I also used the cricut to cut his name out in red cardstock. I hand sewed the paper triangles together on a string and then glued the letters. I tied them to bamboo skewers and stuck it in the cake. I added red fondant balls to the tops to finish it off.

I decided to add the treat bags to the sweets table because my idea was to have the kids fill their treat bags with the candy (lord knows I don't need any of that stuff left behind here for my rump to inherit!). I just took a pack of plain red bags I picked up at Michael's and added a party circle I made to the center. I then took another party circle that said "thank you for coming to my party" and tied it to the handle. Very simple. I stuck a few toys in the bags and then at the end of the party the kids filled their bags with goodies!

Another big project was the Happy Birthday Banner!

I used my cricut and found the "Boys will be Boys" cricut cartridge on eBay and I think I got it for $25 or so. Much cheaper than my local craft store. It has tons of boys things - a CUTE construction dump truck that would make a super fun themed party! I also have SCAL (computer software) for my cricut so I made svg files in photoshop and used those as well.

To make the banner I took black and white cardstock and cut out the scalloped edge squares. I then cut the black and white dots and black and white check squares about an inch smaller than the scallops from scrapbook paper. Then I used red cardstock for the letters. I glued them together and used a hole punch in the corners of each square. I took 3 colors of ribbon (red, black and white) and tied two squares together just in a knot to leave the ends hanging. I added a cricut cut monster truck to the front and back of each word as if they were driving in opposite directions and going to rip the word apart (something you might see in a monster truck show). I love the end result although I think I'd use a different font for the letters next time. Something simpler maybe.

I hung the banner over the "concession stand" (aka food table) and added a few "keep on crushin" and monster truck signs.

On the food table I had forks and spoons wrapped in napkins in galvanized tins near the plates. I served "monster subs", fruit salad, and a feta and vegetable pasta salad for the adults, and chicken nuggets and apple slices for the kids. I made red cardstock chicken nuggets holders from a template I found online here. I made cute little monster truck toothpicks for the sandwiches and chicken nuggets. They made the food seem more decorated. :)

I should mention the party circles, his invitation and food labels as well as the labels on the sweets table I made in photoshop myself. My husband and I both dabble in design so it wasn't a hard project for us. If you can make them yourself then go for it! If you can't check out my friend Christy's etsy site. She can make custom party packages for you or she has TONS of cute party theme's already done. I actually had her design my daughters party set for me because her birthday is just 3 1/2 weeks after my sons so I didn't want to do both, lol. Check out her etsy shop called ItsyBelle. It's fantastic!

Okay so other things I did was take fabric and use pinking shears to cut table runners. That's right folks they aren't even sewn! :) I did however sew the chair covers for the backs of the chairs out of the same fabric. It's a super simple project. Just cut two rectangles in the sizes you need (measure the backs of the chairs) making sure to add at least an inch to top and side cuts for seam allowance and sew together on 3 sides. I did serge my bottom side that was open so I wouldn't get fray's but you could always hem that side, or cut with pinking shears for a faster project. I made 16 chair covers.

Not the best pic, I forgot to take pictures of the whole room. Once I finally got it all together people were showing up so the photos were somewhat rushed. Sorry for that! :)

And then we can't forget the "Refuel Station"! Another one of my favorites! :)

I made this fabulous punch that you have to make ahead, but for me that was great because I was trying to get as much done early as possible. It freezes for a few days before you use. I got these adorable paper straws on etsy in grey and red stripe. You can find them here. I just put them in red cups and had them set out next to the punch. I then made water bottle labels that matched his party theme and had a bin with water and ice and another bin with CRUSH soda (fits the theme well don't you think? lol). Another table cloth and a few monster truck toys finish that table off.

I did a QUICK decorating of the guest bathroom which we renamed "the pitstop." I made a sign for the door, and hung some monster trucks on the mirror. I also tied fabric around a couple toilet paper rolls and set them out.

For the activities we had this big water obstacle course planned for outside we called "hayden's monster jam obstacle course" BUT it rained so we didn't get to play on it. :( But inside we had a "body shop" station where the kids got to have temporary tattoos put on (I didn't get a pic of this station) and we had a "Pro Shop" for merchandise. Our merchandise was Monster Truck T-shirts. I took plain white shirts and traced a monster truck I found online on each shirt with a black fabric pen. (yes this took forever and I was kicking myself for this great idea while doing them, but they turned out so great I'm glad I did them!) We got a package of fabric pens and a few cardboard shirt forms and set them up for the kids to color. It was like a coloring book page on a t-shirt. I think they all enjoyed it and the shirts turned out so cute!

After the activities were done and we'd eaten we sang Happy Birthday to the birthday boy and he dove straight into the gifts, lol

And in case you're wondering where I got his adorable matching birthday shirt?? Well that came from MY etsy shop - Ashlyn's Bowtique! :) I can make custom themed birthday shirts for pretty much any theme you need. Just send me a convo!  :)

So I want to mention that I got tons of inspiration from checking out other people's party blogs and monster truck parties. I just took what I liked from each and kind of made my own. Hayden LOVED his party and my daughter Ashlyn won't stop asking if it's time for her party yet now, lol. So for now I'm done with Monster trucks and it's on to Strawberry Shortcake! :) Wish me luck! lol

Thanks for reading and I hope you enjoyed my tips and trick to kids birthday parties! :)


Itsy Belle said...

Adorable! Love it all LaRae! Thanks for mentioning Itsy Belle! <3

Amber Dawn said...

Wow i found this on a google search for "monster truck party." I gotta say, you are nuts!! LOL It looks like so much fun but, MAN! -You really put a lot of time and money into your boys party! I bet he was super excited. :) I loved your ideas! Very creative. I want to do something similar just a WAY downscale version. I have a 5 year old boy, a four year old boy (who is having the party on Dec 16th) and a 2 year old boy. I can't spend nearly the time on it so it won't be quite this awesome. Thanks so much for the inspiration though! I feel a lot more confident about doing the party now.

Anonymous said...

awesome party! I actually thought about doing the tshirt thing myself....How exactly did you do that?

Anonymous said...

wow great ideas I have a two year old turning three this june and all he talks lives and breaths is Monster Trucks. I really didn't have to ask but I did and of course he wants a truck party. Love the Ideas Bookmarking your site for sure. :)

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