Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Ruffled Party Streamers - DIY

As you know my son just had his big Monster Jam Bash birthday party at the beginning of the month, but you may not know my daughter is having her birthday this weekend!! So I've been super busy trying to get all her decorations done. Today I made these adorable ruffle streamers! I am so in love!

While I can't take original credit for the idea on these (I rarely have my own ideas, lol after all isn't that was the internet is for? To research other peoples great ideas and execute??) I can say that I am so in love with them and couldn't wait to share with you all how I made them! I found the original instructions at My Paper Crane.

I used one roll of pink and one roll of white crepe paper. All you do is lay them on top of each other and start sewing a straight stitch down the middle. I chose to off center mine so you could see the pink and the white from both sides and I love the way it turned out. While your sewing push the paper under your sewing foot and kind of wrinkle it up. It even sounds harder than it actually is. You barely have to push and it gets these cute little pleats that are to die for.

Tips - my paper kept rolling on me so a couple times I tore it off and unrolled it, then started again by just keeping my needle in the orginal piece and pushing the new piece right up to it. Don't cut your thread or anything.

When I was finished sewing I rolled it back up into one HUGE roll, lol and it's ready to go for the party day!

Stay tuned next week (or the week after, lol) for my post on my daughters super sweet strawberry shortcake inspired 4th birthday! :) You'll get to see how I use these cute streamers - because honestly, I'm still not sure how I'm going to use them; I've got a couple ideas, lol.

Thanks for reading!!


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