Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Strawberry Shortcake Inspired Birthday Party

Well hello again! It's been a couple weeks since my daughters Strawberry Shortcake party so I figured I better get to blogging!! It turned out fantastic and was so cute.

To say my daughter is a little obsessed with Strawberry Shortcake is an understatement. She knew about 7 or 8 months before her birthday she wanted a SS party. Mommy however isn't all that into "commercial character" parties. So I came up with a way to please us both! ;)
I started planning this party about 6 months ago really. My first step once I knew the theme and my general idea was to contact my friend Christy over at Itsy-Belle to design me some party print-ables. She has many adorable party themes already made up but we knew SS was what we needed. Now you might remember from my son's party that I also do design work, but I'm really a hobbyist at it. Christy is a pro and I knew she could come up with exactly what I wanted. All I told her was I wanted SS theme but not really too characterized. That's basically it. She came up with the most adorable set. It's got stripes, polka dots, daises, strawberries (of course) and is just so exactly what I had in mind. It's like she plucked it right from my brain and made it better. You can see the whole set here in her shop. So once I saw her work I got really excited with all kinds of ideas!

First item I made was these adorable little favor bags filled with Hershey Kisses. She made me some cute 1" circles that I printed on sticker paper and cut out using a 1" circle cutter. I placed one on the bottom of each kiss and added 8 to each bag. I then took the folded card/topper and typed "thank you for coming to my party" on it. Printed them, cut them out, folded them and stapled them to the bag tops. They were a huge hit. Almost everyone asked how I made them and said how cute they were.

For the birthday banner I wanted to jazz it up a bit so I used my cricut to cut out scalloped edge circles. I then glued each piece of the banner to one scalloped circle and used brads to keep them together. To add a little SS herself to the party I made two with SS on them and flanked her name with them.

The ruffle background you see behind the dessert table are the same ruffle streamers I showed you how to make in this blog post here.

And of course I made this cute ribbon topiary I blogged about here.

For the table cloth I ran out of time and just got a white plastic cloth, but I wanted to have a cute runner so I got green fabric from Hobby Lobby and just cut it using pinking shears to fit the middle of the table.

The cake I made myself and couldn't have been happier with it! I found one I liked on and used that as inspiration. I added a little SS cake topper to the side for Ashlyn. She loved this cake! The Happy 4th Birthday Ashlyn was a printable ink label I had printed at Albertsons. It came back bigger than I had planned but I made it work.

For the treats I kept it simple since this party was at a local Gymnastics gym and they provided pizza and icee's for the kids. I still wanted to make cute things for the table, so I decided to make these things I found called "pie pops". I had made cake pops for my son's birthday and other times before so I wanted something different. I found the tutorial on how to make them here. And since then have seen MANY bloggers blogging about how to make them. They are so cute and fun. I've even seen some new pumpkin pie pops! Might have to try those for fall!

Anyway, I decided to make mine in flower shapes to fit the SS theme without going too overboard on SS or strawberries in general. I added pink and white ribbons to the sticks and stuck them in a jar I filled with light pink tulle. We added a fancy label from ItsyBelle and look how cute they turned out to be! :) I made Strawberry flavored and Blueberry flavored for "Blueberry Muffin" of course! ;)

I also made these DE-freaking-licious Oreo Truffle Balls that - wait for it - I FORGOT TO BRING TO THE PARTY!!! Can you believe it. I'm such a dork. My hubby stated that was fine with him because he got more to eat for himself, lol. Anyway, the recipe for these is SO easy!

I think I found the recipe originally on but I honestly can't remember. I made them last year for Christmas using mint oreos and oh man, let me tell yummy!

These I just used regular oreo's and they were just as good. For the recipe you just

Crush 1 package of oreo's (I like to use my food processor)
combine with 1 8oz cream cheese
Chill for about 10 min
roll into 1" balls
dip in candy melts or melted chocolate
let sit to harden

So good! you could also use these to make cake pops. They are harder so they hold up better and just my opinion, but they are better!!

For items on plates like this I got place card holders I found at hobby lobby in green and stuck a fancy label in them.

And the last thing I made was Strawberry Shortcake Cookies!! Oh yes, they are as good as they sound! Not the easiest cookie to make, but totally worth it. I found this recipe on Pinterest and you can go directly to the recipe blog here.

And for the candy jars, I just had two and I put green and white mints in one, and strawberry malt balls in the other.

I also used ItsyBelle's waterbottle labels and had water there for thirsty kids and parents. I thought they were so cute, I wish I could make labels for Ashlyn's waterbottles she takes to school for the bus everyday, lol. I bought the waterproof labels at this etsy shop here. Just convo her for a custom listing, she's great. :)

I decided to get some balloon boquets with Strawberry Shortcake on them but didnt' want to spend too much and knew exactly what I wanted. So I looked on Ebay and found a pack of SS balloons. I got one HUGE SS shaped mylar, 2 circle mylar with SS on them, and 7 polka dot pink and green latex balloons. We blew them up right before the party and flanked the tables with them. The bigger boquet is on the gift table which I forgot to photograph of course. ;)

And for the party table I just went to Party City and got SS table cloths and found some pink and green paper plates at Hobby Lobby. I wrapped silverware in napkins all color cordinating and used the party circles tied on with ribbon for the silverware. We got SS paper cups to serve the icee's in.

And last but definately not least - I made Ashlyn a Strawberry Shortcake inspired outfit. She loves it!! In fact she made me make her the hat to match, lol. The girl has an eye because it really pulled the outfit together. I made the hat, the shirt, the skirt, and the leggings. She had the shoes, lol.

You can find custom outfits like this, or other original clothing items and accessories at my etsy shop Ashlyn's Bowtique! If you don't see what you need convo me for a custom!

And I'll leave you with a few more pics from the party. It was certainly a fun theme for me to do because I loved SS when I was little. All the colors were fantastic to work with and it ended up being so worth the work. I hope Ash's party can inspire some of your own Strawberry Shortcake party ideas! ;)


Itsy Belle said...

Looks fabulous LaRae! Lov the topiariers and streamers! Turned out SOOO cute!

Little Lizard King said...

How cute!!! I may have to do something similar for her birthday this year. This is WAY cute!!

LaRae said...

Thanks! :) She loved it!!

Creative Printables said...

This is a beautiful party and that birthday cake is so stunning!

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