Monday, September 17, 2012

Pirate Mermaid Brother Sister Joint Birthday Party

Yes I know!! It's been FOREVER!! I just had to come back on and blog about my two kiddos birthday party we just had. I think it turned out fantastic and wanted to share with you all my theme and how I pulled it off.

 Since my husband is deployed I wanted to do something a little more low key than last year (hahahahahaha-I'm not entirely sure I even know what low-key means!!) so I decided to combine my two kids parties. They are only 11 months apart and both have birthdays in September. My daughter Ashlyn is turning 5 at the end of the month and Hayden turned 4 the 2nd. I knew I wanted to do a Pirate Mermaid theme but I was having trouble finding print-ables that I liked. I just didn't have time to make them myself so I found these one here at Simply Sweet Parties. I wasn't overly thrilled with the colors but once I convo'd her she said she could change the color scheme to whatever I needed. I had her do a teal and pink theme. They are just so cute! They were exactly what I had in mind. I asked her to change the wording on the invite and she did that as well. She was very easy to work with and I got so many compliments on the invites!

I glittered the whole tail of the mermaid and a star in the center of her flower to add a little extra cuteness. I had them printed at and for the back I had a picture of my two lovies so they were also on the invite.

I did a small food/snack table and a dessert table. I got netting and shells, chocolate gold coins, small treasure chest, and burlap to decorate with. I added touches of glitter to the banner and hung that on the netted backdrop, then glued some shells and pirate coins to it.

For the food/snack table I did the same theme, but no backdrop since it was a round table. I just added a few hanging decorations.

I tried to name all the food to fit the theme. We had sushi sandwiches which were really good! You just cut the crust off a piece of bread, spread some cream cheese on it, then for the filling I used julienned cucumber and cheddar cheese, and a little turkey lunch meat. Then just roll it up and cut it in two pieces. Stand them up on the plate for a "rolled sushi" look.

We also had chips and gold fish I named "fish and chips", cheese balls named "cannon balls", little smokies in bbq sauce named "dead man fingers", cheese cubes named "gold nuggets", and for the punch I used the blue hawaiian punch and added sprite. We named that Mermaid Punch. I tied some twine around the jug to decorate it a little bit.

For the dessert table I have to brag a little about the cake because I ALWAYS stress out about the cake. The night before I almost decided to not do it because we already had cupcakes and I just didn't want to worry about it, but I had already baked the cakes and made the fondant treasure map so I went ahead and did it. I really love the way it turned out! I did an ombre ruffle cake I saw on Lori's Bakery for the top tier and added seashells and sprinkles. For the bottom tier its just white buttercream with black fondant stripes, then I added the treasure map that actually broke before I got it on the cake, but I liked it that way, lol. And the mermaid, ship and pirate hat are decorations I found at hobby lobby. :) It really pulled the table together I  think so I'm happy I didn't get lazy and not do it.

I made cupcakes to showcase the adorable cupcake toppers from Simply Sweet Parties, and we also had pearl pops and fishy pops that were oreo pops, and I made some cute little pirate pops from marshmallows. They were quite possibly the easiest thing I made! you just stick a lollipop stick in melted candy melts, insert the marshmallow, dip the top 1/3rd or so, stick them in styrofoam and let them dry. Once dry use a food coloring pen and draw on a pirate face. For the pearl pops I used the oreo pop recipe of one package of oreos to one package of cream cheese. Grind the oreos in a food processor until fine and combine with the package of softened cream cheese. Roll into balls. Dip them in candy melt and for the sprinkle ones, add the sprinkles while still wet. For the sparkly ones I let them dry first and then brushed them with edible luster dust. For the fishy pops I did the same technique for the sparkle pops, but for the fish I waited for them to dry then took melted candy melts in an icing bag and piped the blow fish mouth and fins on the side. Once that dried I added two dot eyes with the food coloring pen. For all the plates I dusted with brown sugar for "sand" and then added the food.

Other food items on the dessert table were rock candy lollipops we called "mermaid crystal wands", the chocolate gold coins I ordered from ebay, rice krispie treats we cut out using a star cookie cutter and drizzled some candy melts on called "krispie treat starfish", and I can't forget about the super yummy sugar cookies that I ordered from Sunshine Bakes off etsy. I convo'd her a picture of the invite and she made the most adorable mini fish and starfish to match the party colors. They arrived 2 days before the party fresh and completely in tact! Not even ONE broken cookie!! I was amazed. They were packaged very well and very cute! She even wrote me a little hand written note saying she hoped the party went well. Great customer service. I definitely recommend Beth for any of your cookie needs! And did I mention they tasted great!!??

And for the activities - well I went SUPER easy and rented a 30 foot inflatable slip and slide. I got a GREAT deal from living social and the kids all thoroughly enjoyed it!! They didn't want to leave! That's a party I call a success! ;) So happy my two kids had a great party! It made all the work totally worth it!

Both the kids shirts and my daughters mermaid tail skirt were made by me! I don't sell these but can always do them as a custom. Check out my etsy shop here - Ashlyn's Bowtique 
And the made to match OOAK (as of now, lol) headband was made by Knottyfrog - she also does crochet items and the most adorable necklaces for little girls!! Go check them out, I promise you won't be sorry you did...unless you become addicted like I have and buy your little lady a ton of them!! Don't say I didn't warn you! ;) 

I hope I was able to help anyone else out wanting to do a pirate mermaid party! It was great to do something that all the little boys and girls enjoyed. And I loved the outcome. I think this might be my favorite party I've done so far!


Anonymous said...

Adorable Party!

Lisa Devereaux said...

Hi! I just ordered Fairy Garden invitations from Simply Sweet Parties for my twin girls. I love your theme. Well done!

Kyle & LaRae said...

Thank you Lisa! I just love her invitations. I'm sure your party will be great! I really loved the way this one turned out. I think it's my favorite party I've done so far! I'm no pro by any means, but it's fun to do! :)

mackyton said...

Wow, this Pirate Mermaid Brother Sister Joint Birthday Party looks stunning. I am so pleased to see all these arrangements. Thanks a lot for the photos. My twin’s birthday is coming and I would be hosting the celebration party soon at the local San Francisco venues.

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